12 Best Retro Adidas Sneakers in Ireland

Adidas has a rich history of pleasing even the most demanding customers with its fine designs and high quality. The brand has introduced many staples throughout the years, and they’re called staples for a reason.

 As many models became collectibles over the years, the demand for them has been rising. As a result, some of the most successful models have been brought back since their inception, and nobody could be happier than us fashion enthusiasts!

 If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Of course, the current models are new and improved, but the brand managed to stay true to itself and maintain a retro feel. Thus, the new designs satisfy this generation’s craving for vintage fashion and fit right into the current trends. They weren’t kidding when they said the 90s were coming back!

 Here are some of the best Adidas sneakers that have been reinvented.


The CountryxKamanda sneakers were inspired by two different models from the 70s. The shoes borrow the classic upper from the Adidas Country, and the outsole from the Adidas Kamanda. The running shoes and the football shoes fused into one, and created a model that is now used for much more than just sports. The new sneakers manage to capture the essence of the originals, with a little bit of flair. The combination of the futuristic silhouette and the timeless design creates a perfect balance of modern and retro. The CountryxKamanda sneakers stand out primarily with their exterior, which can be described as nostalgic and new at the same time. The shoes are very comfortable and the quality is outstanding, making them perfect for long walks and sleepless nights. The pair maintains its functionality and can be worn to the gym or the track. Fashion gurus have appropriated the shoe and reintroduced it as a streetwear essential.

Adidas Men's Sneakers - CountryxKamanda by maytomay


Deerupt Runner

Deerupt Runner features a minimalistic design with a twist. The silhouette was inspired by iconic styles from the 80s, such as the Adidas Marathon. It is very different from other Adidas Originals, as this pair does not have the signature three stripes of the brand. However, it is an iconic look nonetheless. The sneakers are wrapped in a web, called the “Dellinger Web.” The purpose of the web is to absorb impact shock, which is especially useful in running, hence the name of the shoes. The Deerupt Runner sneakers draw inspiration from urban design and architecture. The pair came out to be very fashion-forward in its simplicity and minimalism. The shoe features a rubber sole and is very soft and flexible altogether. It’s perfect for traveling, as it’s easily foldable, very light, and doesn’t take up much space. If you’re looking for a pair of running shoes to bring with you on vacation, this pair might just be the one.

adidas runners by maytomay


Deerupt S

Another from the Deerupt line, this pair has a wave look to it. The sneakers feature a web overlay, much like the Deerupt Runner pair. However, this pair has a longer tongue and heel tab, showcasing a more elegant design. The shoes are slip-on and they present a new lacing system. The Deerupt S sneakers are very light and have a snug feel on the foot. The design derives from the 80s and was inspired by the “Dellinger Web.” At the same time, the shoes came out looking rather modern and futuristic. The pair is perfect for exercising, but can also be worn outside of the gym styled with fashionable activewear.

Adidas sneakers by maytomay.com


Forest Grove

The Forest Grove silhouette was first released in 1981. The original model went by the name Oregon. The original sneakers were dropped as a response to the jogging craze of the 80s. The idea was to make a pair that would be perfect for running marathons or going for light evening jogs. The shoes’ most striking distinction was their weight; they were extremely light! Adidas achieved that by using nylon in the manufacturing of the model. When it comes to Forest Grove, the concept remains the same, but the execution is different. The designers replaced nylon with suede and leather in the new model. The Forest Grove sneakers were made with the modern lifestyle in mind, thus they’re not only good for running, but also for everyday wear. As with any other pair of Adidas releases, those come in different colour variations that will go with any outfit. Wear your pair with your favorite jeans and you’ll always be ready for a quick run!

adidas sneakers by maytomay


Nite Jogger

The Nite Jogger model gains its name from the reflective details on the shoes. If you’re looking for a pair of running shoes for the night time, this is the one. It is absolutely alright and even encouraged to wear these sneakers outside of your evening jog. In fact, they make for stunning photos. Most importantly, don’t forget to photograph them at night, as the reflective elements will quite literally shine. The sneakers are a new and improved version of the original design released in 1979. Surprisingly, the Nite Jogger is on the more reasonably priced shoes of the Boost series, with more expensive counterparts in the face of Yeezys and Ultra Boosts. Adidas keeps surprising its fans with its ability to implement new technologies while still staying true to the brand. The Nite Jogger is definitely an excellent pair for running and working out.

Nite Logger Sneakers by maytomay




The original Ozweego model was released by Adidas in 1996 and was marketed as running shoes. Since then, the pair has gone through several improvements and several versions have been released. Many years later, the shoe was redesigned by Raf Simmons. The newest version left the running shoes behind and presented fashionable sneakers for everyday wear. Chunky, or “dad” sneakers are very in right now. The Ozweego model maintains the chunky look without making your feet appear too big and heavy. Adiprene cushioning in the sneakers absorbs impact and supports the foot. The sole is soft, yet firm, making walking comfortable and pleasant. These sneakers offer a great combination of innovation and design with nostalgia and a retro feel. This pair is perfect for styling with both futuristic and vintage outfits.

Adidas Ozweego Unisex Sneakers - by maytomay


Stan Smith

This classic design was first introduced in the 70s, and it is still considered one of Adidas’ staples. The popular tennis player Stan Smith collaborated with the brand in 1971 to design this pair. The new design corresponds to the original, with Adidas classic three dotted stripes on the side. Many designers have tried to copy this model, but the Stan Smith logo on the tongue and the heel tab separate the original from the copies. These sneakers are very universal in usage; you can wear them with a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt to go on an afternoon drive, or a smart casual outfit for a special occasion. Stan Smiths come in different colour combinations. Opt for a monochrome all-white pair to create a polished look, or pick ones with colourful details to spice up your outfit.

Stan Smith Adidas Unisex Sneakers by maytomay



The Yung-1, much like the Ozweego, is another “dad” shoe. The original silhouette was released by Adidas in the 90s, and it was called the Falcon Dorf. Who could’ve predicted that over 20 years later the model would become a staple of any streetwear wardrobe? The 90s are back like they never left, and the Yung-1 is a new version of the retro model. The tongue on this model is larger than on the original, and it features the Adidas logo. The signature Adidas style is not missing, as the sides feature the three stripes we’re so used to seeing. A problem often encountered by lovers of vintage clothes is the inability to avoid looking dated. You won’t face that problem at all with the Yung-1 model. In fact, the beauty of these sneakers is in their fashion-forward nature. You can easily wear them with your clothes today, just like your parents wore them 20 years ago. The sneakers come in different colour combinations, and feature a mix of suede and mesh for a sophisticated look. Opt for a pair with bold colours if you want to add a statement pair of shoes to your outfit.

Adidas Unisex Sneakers YUNG-1 by maytomay

Continental 80

The Continental 80 is another staple piece from the designers of Adidas. The original sneakers were released in the 1980s, and have since come back as part of the “Yung” series. At the time, the Continental 80 was a fresh and clean-looking design. It borrowed from the signature shoe of Reebok, which is now a brand owned by Adidas. The newer version is absolutely identical to the original. The shoes have a classic silhouette. They are made of leather with perforations on the toe and on the side. The logo placed to the side of the laces has a very retro feel to it. Much like most Adidas shoes, they are incredibly comfortable and fit just right. The Continental 80 sneakers come in different colour variations. The classic version is all-white, with a blue and red stripe on the side, and a black Adidas logo on the heel tab. The shoes gained popularity again due to their resemblance to the Yeezy Powerhouse sneakers.

adidas continental80 by maytomay



The Sambarose is a modern spin on the Samba; this time, exclusively for the ladies. The silhouette was initially introduced to football players in the 1950s. It came back with a reinvented look, but the concept remains. The sneakers now feature a platform, which makes them a more stylish choice for the modern-day fashionista, not to mention the extra centimetres they add. Ladies will be happy to find out that the shoes were made with a woman’s foot in mind, so they are especially comfortable. The pair comes in different colour variants, one better than the other. For those that want to stand out, Adidas introduced floral and camouflage versions. As sneakers do, they still look sporty. However, nobody will expect you to play football in these!

Adidas Women's Leather Sneakers Sambarose by maytomay


EQT Racing

The Adidas Equipment line came to life in 1991. It was introduced as a line of classic and versatile sneakers, often praised for their comfort and design. The EQT Racing pair is especially versatile, and can be worn to the gym, as well as to the office. As it goes, many sneakers from the previous century are becoming appealing again due to nostalgia and the cyclical nature of fashion and trends. Adidas came out with a new design that stayed in line with the original. As before, the sneaker provides functionality with new elements of modern style.

This EQT Racing model now available in our store at a very special price.

adidas eqt racing sneakers by maytomay



The Adidas Falcon sneakers are another tribute to 90s fashion. The pair is chunky and goes hand in hand with the current fashion trends. The silhouette is more elegant than that of other “dad” shoes, which makes the sneakers more appropriate for women who want to maintain a feminine look. The shoes feature a mesh exterior with leather details. You can choose from a variety of colour combinations, some more bold, and others rather tame. The model released in 2018 gained popularity with the help of influencer and celebrity Kylie Jenner, who modelled for several Adidas marketing campaigns. The running shoes are exclusive to women, thus they were made to fit the female foot perfectly.

Adidas Falcon by maytomay


Kiellor Xtra

These shoes are probably more Avantgarde than any other pair mentioned above. The high-top sneakers are very retro looking. The chunky silhouette is in line with the fashion trends, and the wide fit will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. The shoes are equipped with quick-lace hooks. The model is exclusive to women. The Kiellor Xtra sneakers look more like boots than actual sneakers, thus they can be worn as such. The model comes in different colours. Maintain a monochrome look with an all-white sneaker, or add a pop of colour. 

Adidas Women's Sneakers KiellorXtra by maytomay

The shoes have dropped in price since their launch, so now would be the right moment to invest into a chunky pair of your own! Visit our store for a wide range of Adidas products and choose one for yourself or family present.